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High temperature insulating paint to enhance the insulation material insulation class


Insulation, level parameter indicators, dielectric strength, dielectric constant, dissipation factor, cutting angle measure, Beijing Chi Sheng Wei Hua Chemical Co., Ltd. of insulation technology research and development for many years, the development of high temperature insulation coatings have been included in the focus of promotional materials.

Dielectric strength of insulating material, the material is a measure of resistance to high voltage without causing dielectric breakdown capacity, the sample was placed between the electrodes, and through a series of steps to increase the voltage applied until the occurrence of dielectric breakdown, seq measuring dielectric strength. Although the results obtained are kv / mm for the unit, but not that irrespective of the thickness of the sample.
Permittivity insulating material, represents the degree of polarization of the dielectric, which is bound to charge capacity, the greater the dielectric constant, the charge of the shackles of the stronger. Filling the capacitor between the two plates of the medium affects the capacity of the capacitor, and the influence of the same medium is the same, different media, different dielectric constants. The volume resistivity, the material is the resistance per unit volume of the cubic, the test can be carried out as follows: the material is maintained at 500 volts for 1 minute, and measuring the current generated by the higher volume resistivity, ZS-1091 high temperature electrically insulating coating made of an insulating member, the higher the performance.
Insulating materials loss factor also refers to the loss tangent, alternating current is converted into heat dielectric loss (dissipation of energy) a measure generally expect some good low loss factor.
Insulation levels, high temperature insulation paint high temperature paint concern, as a new feature paint, insulation is a set-oriented, non-blocking heat, high temperature, wear waterproof as energizing effect in one. This type of paint is functional Chi Sheng Wei Hua ZS-1091's high temperature ceramic insulating paint temperature 600 ℃, the Chi Sheng Wei Hua company after years of research and development results, the paint inorganic - organic grafting technique, molecular modification solution chelation treatment, give full play to the advantages of inorganic and organic materials, the temperature can reach 600 ℃, good adhesion, it can be painted in any material under high temperature resistant insulation shield current through the corona discharge point phenomenon.

Both corrosion and high temperature resistant insulating paint paint brush on the high temperature and pressure equipment, ZS-1091 high temperature ceramic insulating paint temperature Beijing Chi Sheng Wei Hua Chemical Co., Ltd. 600 ℃ can be formed in the surface coating layer has a higher volume resistivity rate, without being able to withstand the strong electric field breakdown of the ceramic coating. Chi Shing insulation paint coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, the ability of aging, water resistance, chemical resistance, high thermal conductivity coating, easy to release heat, and also resistant to mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, the coating may be continuous operation in the appropriate operating temperature. ZS-1091 high temperature insulating paint inorganic - organic chelating graft modified film-forming solution, simple construction, construction of single coating, only depending on the voltage and current resistance cases, a single coating can be painted a certain thickness.

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