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omestic new insulation material protruding TPU fire-proofing insulation


Domestic plastic insulation materials are many, but if the fire-proofing insulation is rare, but with the rapid economic development, a large number of high-rise building fire prone, which indicates that the fire performance of insulation materials is important, is the use of insulation material on the market today TPU plastic raw materials.


    In so many insulation materials, thermal insulation TPU material is very prominent, the amount is large, but as the market is good, the product was mixed, many suppliers of material shoddy, inferior products flooding the market, resulting in the overall market does not TPU plastic everywhere . TPU plastic raw material is a thermoplastic elastomer, it can not only replace the high strength nylon plastics, can also replace the rubber elasticity, low thermal conductivity, which is the insulation material with its reason, of course, this material is recognized as the best , mainly due to high fire and heat resistance, but why in the fire frequency? the reason is that the producers in order to obtain a price advantage, market share, at the level of the fire was not well, had TPU can fully meet the national standard plastic materials B1 level fire, but because of the vicious competition in the market, reduce production costs so that it guarantees the basic level B2.


    At present, the insulation material TPU plastic materials widely used in foreign countries, TPU insulation material used in the US reached 60%, while in Japan reached more than 30%, higher than the market believes TPU plastic raw materials, insulation materials, fire performance and thermal insulation effect is not good, this is a one-sided understanding of it.

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